Easy access to all Basics like academic timetables, faculty details,
    SGPA calculations. You can now track your attendance at your finger tips.
    Get access to information about upcoming events and workshops, updates
    on incubation center and various student activity cells, clubs and sports
    updates at KL University.
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Amazing Features

Get to know more about these amazing features of HeyJunior.

Individual updates

Get access to your individual timetable, faculty details, SGPA calculations and and you can also track your attendance.

E-Notify me

Keeps updating you about the events and workshops happening inside the university.

Hobbies and Interests

Get more information about various activity clubs in our university.
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Incubation for Innovation

Learn more about the new and innovative ideas from the students.

Sit together & Explore knowledge

Get information about student activities from various departments in the University.

Sports and Others

Get updates about sports related Competitions and university information.
HeyJunior App

Why HeyJunior App?

  • Quick access to required information
  • Require less storage
  • Simple to use
  • Less time consuming
  • Single time login
  • Keeps you notified from time to time
  • Easily track your subject wise attendance
  • Keeps you updated about all events and workshops conducted in university
  • Get to know all the student activities happening in our university
  • Know more about hobby clubs
  • Get all updates about university

Get to know more about HeyJunior!

Everyone loves to explore. But when it comes to knowledge, we find it difficult to get a correct platform. One-step access for every student in KL University. It gives information about your individual timetable, faculty details, SGPA calculations and you can add your current subjects to track your attendance percentage by editing your number of total and attended classes.

It's always been hard to know correct information about events, this app keeps updating you about the upcoming events in university. Our university always conducts workshops which help students to learn new things, due to lack of information about the workshops we are unable to attend them but this app keeps you updated about all the workshops being conducted in university.

Incubation centre, a great platform for innovative ideas. It gives you information about all the activities inside the incubation centre but this app keeps you in-track of all the activities happening in those Student activity cells which provides you with unlimited knowledge and helps you develop new skills.

This app also provides you information about the wide range of clubs, various competitions regarding sports, and many other university updates.

A key to all these problems is to have HeyJunior App in hand which provides you with all this information just within seconds.

HeyJunior App


You can track your attendance percentage.


Get updates on events.


Get updates on workshops.

Student Activities

Get to know all the student activities.

Faculty Details

Get to know your respective faculty details.

SGPA calculation

Easy to calculate your SGPA.

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